Biden’s Biggest Betrayal

IT’S A REAL PROBLEM when an alleged executive does whatever he wants even if he doesn’t have the authority, and Congress either lets him get away with it or cannot do anything about it, because of party affiliation. This is the situation we find ourselves in in the illegitimate Biden regime. His latest betrayal of the country is his establishment of a program in Texas, now in effect, to allow government bureaucrats grant asylum without it being adjudicated by a court.

A couple of problems immediately come to mind, namely, that immigration would be controlled by open-border radicals, or, would be vulnerable to bribery. But the real non-G.O.P. elephant in the room is the threat to national sovereignty when the floodgates are opened at the border. Even with Title 42 still nominally in place thanks to the Fifth Circuit, the border is an easy crossing for drug cartels, human smugglers, and illegal aliens and/or economic refugees prospective 1.7 million progressive voters. 

What should happen, but now will not, is aliens who jump court hearings or are rejected for asylum will receive automatic deportation orders from a court. They can, in other words, be deported now or in the future without another hearing.

Under Biden’s betrayal, immigrants will simply be allowed in indefinitely without further review. Furthermore, the Biden regime is advertising the new non-rules on Univision in Spanish because, you know, they’re so transparent. This will happen through an administrative rule change, not a change in law. Biden is pulling a similar stunt by establishing a “working group” of bureaucrats to calculate “social costs” of certain emissions affecting Texas’ oil and gas industry by Executive Order. (Texas alone has sued the Biden regime eight times since January.)

Thank heavens the latest migrant caravan carrying six-thousand or more to the U.S. border from Mexico will not be intercepted or detracted from its mission of depositing poor immigrants, many of who are not tested for or vaccinated against Covid, into America’s interior. (Americans cannot reenter the U.S. without being vaccinated or tested.) The caravan hopes to arrive in time to send a message about migration to the Western Hemisphere leaders attending the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles this week. Some governments of Central and South America are already very displeased with the C.C.P. puppet occupying the White House because Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela were not invited. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is boycotting the event, a snub to Biden.

Author: Annie Moss

Political junkie and writer. Copyright 2016-2022. All Rights Reserved.

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