Stacking the Deck to Stuff the Ballot Box?

THE MARICOPA COUNTY, Arizona audit of the voting in the 2020 election continues despite aggressive efforts to thwart it. The auditing form heading the recount, Cyber Ninjas, has even provided links to all their proprietary procedural documents online in an effort to be transparent and accountable, including “CyFIR Digital Evidence Policies and Procedures Manual,” pdf here.  

Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona’s G.O.P. chairperson, has been giving regular updates. The last we heard, the new judge on the case by Democrats seeking to stop the audit, Daniel Martin, has ‘ties’ to the Marc Elias law firm of Perkins Coie. One can hope for the best.

Elias is the Democrat lawyer and Perkins Coie partner who pushed vote for disastrous voting changes in 2020 and fought challenges to the results. He also was behind the hiring of Fusion GPS to compile smut for the now-debunked “Russia dossier” (a/k/s “Steele Dossier”) used to oust President Donald Trump and was considered Hillary Clinton’s consigliere. An appeals court recently sanctioned the firm’s lawyers for ‘lack of candor’ in filing duplicitous motions in election cases.

On Friday, there was more troubling news. It was reported that select Cyber Ninjas information that wasn’t publicized for reasons of security had been revealed by NBC News. While the reporter, Ryan Randazzo, was removed from the recount, it’s not a good sign.

Then on Saturday, Ward issued a “call to action.” She said there were “serious developments” primarily due to two possible “major backroom players,” to wit, the Brennan Center for Justice and the Protect Democracy Group. Apparently, the U.S. Justice Department has been asked, and may be willing to sent federal monitors to Arizona to oversee the operation. What could possibly go wrong? Ward’s concerns are twofold.

First, she’s understandably concerned with the federal government interfering with the state’s voting processes, including recounts, which is a matter of state, not federal law, pursuant to the 10th Amendment. Second, she’s concerned that these two groups have their own ‘progressive’ agendas which could influence their oversight or even be a conduit or vector for fraud.

It’s critical this recount not be sabotaged if we are to ever have confidence in our electoral processes in the future.

Author: Annie Moss

Political junkie and writer. Copyright 2016-2022. All Rights Reserved.

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